Hippodrome exterior

Hippodrome interior



From 1902 to 1964 Brighton Hippodrome was one of the most popular and most famous theatres in the country. It was a bingo hall from 1967 to 2006 and has survived 15 years of disuse, despite neglect by successive owners until recently.
      Since September 2020 it has had a new owner—the fourth since Brighton Hippodrome CIC (community interest company) was formed . Matsim Properties' efforts to repair and protect the building are all the more appreciated for being so long overdue.


      The CIC has spent six years developing and proving the case for restoration as a theatre, working with the Theatres Trust and keeping the city council and Historic England up-to-date with our plans along the way.
      The plans published by Matsim so far are for bars and a food hall with limited facilities for entertainment. Both these functions are already more than adequately provided for in the immediate area of the Hippodrome.


      However, the Hippodrome is still a theatre and should remain one—a star in Brighton's entertainment and cultural firmament.
      The CIC has shared all its plans for the theatre with Matsim Properties and would be more than happy to provide its support to achieve that vision, which has had such strong approval from the people of Brighton & Hove and beyond.

      Watch for more news on this website.


• History
The background as a heritage building explains why this is still such an important theatre


• The future: theatre
What we have been working on for six years: full restoration as a large-scale theatre


• The future: alternative
What the current owners propose and why we disagree


Latest news


The planning application to add a new roof above the auditorium is currently on hold, pending reports about the risk to the fibrous plasterwork on the ceiling from vibration caused by the building work.


You can see the planning application on the BHCC website (opens in a new window).

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